Social Media Marketing

Ensuring you have an  effective social strategy can help you grow your business, maintain your social presence and engage with your audience.
It is clear from statistics gathered in January 2016 that apart from the fact that there are over 3.4 Billion  Internet Users (46% of the global population), there are over 2.3 Billion Social Media Users (31% of the global population). That is an amazing opportunity for driving traffic to your business online.

Of the many social media networks availalbe, there are 6-10 social media networks that you SHOULD BE ON. The more visibility you have on social media, the higher ranked you will be in search engines such as oogle, Bing and Yahoo. This also brings your business more credibility as well as brand recognition.

The challenge is ensuring you have enough relevant, valuable content for your business on all your social media network accounts a few times a day. This task can take hours per day and requires staff to research, create and post your articles.

We have an extensive research and development network as well as joint ventures with the Internet's Most Successful Entrepreneurs and together we have developed complex algorithms which we use to keep your content fresh, relevant and posted numerous times per day (minimum 10 posts) on all your social media network accounts.

Social media can drive massive amounts of traffic to your website over time and in turn to your business. Our Social Media Advertising Plans are extremely cost effective and are tailor made to suit your business. Our team will ensure continuous, valuable content is published on all your Social Media Accounts on a daily basis for the length of the Plan you choose. We will even help you setup your Social Media Accounts if you have not yet done so.

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